Our Story

HayLo International brand hails from the CarHay Creations and Designs House and is born out of the powers of love, passion and desire!

Every HayLo product is produced using only the very best genuine leather products and accessories sourced from renowned South African and select global leather houses. Our highly skilled but, localised production team celebrate in the manufacture of every bespoke product delivered to you which all originates from a family of virtue and established values!

Perfection in Master Craftsmanship

HayLo brand products offer the advantage of value added premium genuine leather hand-picked hides in single or combination form. Authenticity, high quality workmanship and timeless designs are unmistakable and stylistically enhancing, only improving aesthetically with time.

Environmentally Friendly Products

Every HayLo product is manufactured using premium genuine leather products sourced from renowned global leather houses. These world class leather houses are ISO 9001 and 14001:2000 certified and employ technologically advanced processes and systems which are green and environmentally friendly.


With HayLo brand, you discover the luxurious styles that surpass your imagination, appeal to you personally with the assuredness of outstanding quality product and workmanship coupled with a 1 year warranty.

Explore HayLo products, choose your bespoke styles and be rewarded with a relationship of timeless fashion today!


Where purpose and destiny coincide!